GameBake is an online platform which allows game developers to distribute their iOS and Android games to a multitude of web, social apps and gaming portals across the globe. Games are converted to HTML5 and Javascript, and linked to GameBake’s security assured platform.

The logo design focuses on the main ingredient that GameBake uses to create its products; code. Built around the HTML syntax, this playfully slots into the wordmark, building a bridge between the two ‘separate’ words, representative of how GameBake partner with their clients and bring their games to new audiences and platforms. The use of the end tag suggests the idea of a finished product, something ‘baked’. The bright colour palette brings a playful air to the logo, mirroring that of GameBake’s subject matter but also the jovial team behind the process.

The GameBake logo comes to life in motion, visualising their process in a simplified, but cool and entertaining way. We wanted to show how GameBake takes all the ingredients/code in the beginning, mix them together and distribute the game around the world to new audiences. All with a sprinkle of bouncing movements and added personality to convey the fun-loving spirit of the GameBake team.

Mixing branding and motion together really raises the brand to a new level, giving it even more life and personality. For GameBake, this not only allowed the new brand to shout louder but in a practical sense, could be used for gaming splash screens, social media posts and more.

Michael Hudson
CEO, GameBake

"Great guys to work with, we are extremely pleased with the outcome!"




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